Shiatsu and cancer

There is a long history of Shiatsu being beneficial for those with cancer. Over the years I have undertaken further training in this area and have worked with people with all sorts of diagnoses. One of the most successful ways to use Shiatsu is to have a session on the same day as your chemo- or radio-therapy. This seems to provide the best possible results in diminishing side effects and aiding recovery from treatment. One of the venues where I give Shiatsu is approx. 10 minutes drive from the Western General in Edinburgh where some cancer treatment is carried out, and I am pleased to be flexible in treatment times to suit you.

I am often asked if Shiatsu can worsen or spread Shiatsu. I believe it does not. Shiatsu does not aim to move the blood or lymph around the body, it is deeper than that. It seeks to balance all the body systems, tapping into the innate human need to survive and supporting people to find their own ways to heal. I am well informed in medical and research matters and am confident that Shiatsu is a positive force in these situations.

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Shiatsu and multiple sclerosis

I have worked with a number of clients who have MS and it is an area I am very interested in. On the internet you will find quite a lot of personal recommendations from people who have enjoyed it and found it beneficial. I can visit you in your own home and we can work in a variety of positions – in a chair or wheelchair, on the floor or in bed if necessary. I do not make extra charges to come to you if you cannot come to one of my clinics.

Shiatsu and MS by Robin Grant. Pdf.

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IBS and Shiatsu

I have a great deal of experience with Irritable Bowel Syndrome and believe I can say that Shiatsu is helpful in almost every case. Not only can I give you treatment that should ease and relieve symptoms in the short term, but more importantly we can look at the underlying causes and I can teach you to treat yourself at home between or instead of paying for sessions, giving you power over what can be such a debilitating set of symptoms.

ME and Shiatsu

I also work with many clients who have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Sessions are gentle and I spend time listening and taking a detailed case history so that I am able to then devise a treatment plan to suit each individual. Happily, I see people slowly recover and, more importantly, if they do have a relapse they have a greater understanding of why and can therefore reduce the occurrence of these incidents.

There are a great many traditional and complementary treatment methods available nowadays and I think that is because we are a diverse people with different needs, likes and backgrounds. Shiatsu is one of the therapies for which you train over a period of three years usually, following up with on-going post-graduate training and undertaken by professional practitioners.  Like all medicine, Shiatsu can be effective for some and not others, and as a serious therapy it may take time (3-5 treatments) for lasting benefits to become apparent, especially if the symptoms have been around for a long time.Image