There are plenty of benefits of Seated Shiatsu

  • There is no need to undress
  • It can happen anywhere
  • It’s short and very sweet

At your work-place it gives you the chance to shut your eyes, have someone ease out any shoulder, neck and back tension, and de-stress. Try and persuade your boss to promote well-being in the workplace. Tell her how popular she will be if she offers it on the premises.

It’s good for avoiding repetitive strain injury, or dealing with the symptoms if you are unfortunate enough to have it. Frozen shoulders benefit. Athritic fingers love it. The calm you will feel afterwards means that you go back to your desk with renewed vitality. And you will manage stress much better, especially if it is a weekly treat.

You could ask a Seated Shiatsu practitioner to visit you at your school or community centre, making complementary therapy available to everyone.


What we like about Seated Shiatsu

It’s great for shoulder stiffness, back pain, and upper body joint discomfort. It aids headaches, neck strain, and stress. Using acupressure points, deep penetration and active stretches, it releases tension and promotes awareness of correct posture.

“It was very relaxing” Gail. “I liked everything. It was a new experience for me” Gail’s mum

“Nothing to dislike at all. Thoroughness and appreciation of my upper body and its aches and pains. Feeling better after. Good touch all round.” Peter

“Half hour of calmness and positive energy” Aimee


matt seated