Walking in Rhythm a song by The Blackbyrds

‘It’s not easy if you’re wanting to understand it before the experience, the experience comes and then the understanding.’

Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen on YouTube

Each of the five Organs, the Zhang-Fu in East Asian Medicine have a rhythm. The movement pattern of the Liver is different from that of the Kidney, which contrasts with the Heart. They, in turn, are all distinct from both the Lung and the Spleen. Getting into the groove of each one is a way of connecting with their Qi / Chi and understanding them more. What better way to find that song, but to walk* with them? 

Summer walking, Portugal

In this experiential course you will be invited to connect with your Organs through the pulse of walking. By doing so, you will deepen your understanding of yourself, and if you work with clients, with them too. Who knows what you will find! 

Course Format

Seven, weekly Zoom meetings

Week 1          8 July 2020               Introduction

Week 2          15 July 2020             SP and ST

Week 3          22 July 2020             LU and LI

Week 4          29 July 2020             BL and KD

Week 5          5 August 2020         HT, SI, TH, HG

Week 6          12 August 2020      LV and GB

Week 7          19 August 2020      Diagnosis and Conclusion

In order to take this course, you must commit to walk between each session. Prepare to move outdoors (urban or rural), but if that’s impossible, inside will work too.

The course will require the use of your creativity, your body and the mediums of audio and Zoom.

Spring walking, Edinburgh

Who is the course for?

Open to anyone who is interested in East Asian medicine, and the rhythms of the Organs in particular.

* You can do this from a wheelchair or with ambulant disability, but not in a car, train or plane.

You do not need to have a prior understanding or knowledge of East Asian Medicine. 

If you do, this course will deepen what you know and, more importantly, offer a way to an innate understanding. 

Once connections of this sort have been made, they remain with you. Therefore, when you return to your work and relationships, it will be there, informing you about the way the BodyMind works.

The course will be given in English.

Autumn walking


The focus is on your own experience of your walking rhythm and the relationship between that and your Organs. However, I will provide an audio of approximately 5 minutes as a guide before each walk, and word and image prompts in the form of a paper to read (pdf) which belongs to each session. This will contain some recommended reading. 

It will be useful to have a blank exercise book or journal to record your experiences in – words or images – or you might prefer to use audio, video etc. 

Detail about the sessions – Introduction

We will meet and get to know each other on Zoom. I will introduce the course and you will be able to ask questions. We will prepare for the following week.

Between each session, you will be tuning into a set of East Asian Medicine Organs and walking. The aim is to tap into the physical walking rhythm of each set of Organs, noticing your experience on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels, and recording it. Duration of the experience: 1 hour + Ideally you will find some time to walk every day.

Sessions 2 – 6

We will introduce ourselves to each other again, share our walking and Organ experiences and extrapolate, gather some common findings. There will be time for observations and comments and, at the end of each session, we will prepare for the next.

Session 7

The final meeting will follow a similar format. It will be a gathering together of all of our experiences throughout the course in order to look at the way we can diagnose ourselves and others through the rhythms of the Organs. 

Winter walking, Scotland

There are 10 places available on this course

Cost, dates and time

£90 if you book by 24 June, normal price £120

8, 15, 22 and 29 July; 5, 12 and 19 August 2020

  • 17.30-19.00 BST
  • 9.30-11 PT
  • 12.30-14.00 ET
  • 19.30-21.00 Greece
Walking, Spain


To book on the course, please contact Tamsin Grainger shiatsu@ryoho.co.uk or shiatsu42@gmail.com. Phone 07821 264 882.