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I see my own Shiatsu now as a support to people at that crucial point in an illness or condition where they are ready to deal with it themselves but don’t have the strength. Carola Beresford-Cooke

Stone Lantern Shiatsu

Everyone has it within their hands to give a simple shiatsu massage.

Shiatsu and the Art of Conscious Cooking

The stress our body undergoes through sugar highs and sugar lows produce the hormone, cortisol, which if in the bloodstream over long periods of time, can affect your libido, menstrual cycle and most importantly your metabolism.

So Shiatsu

I personally find that tapping on the fear point is helpful when I’m feeling anxious. The fear point is actually two points and they are known as Triple Heater 2 and 3 in the acu-point system. They can be located on the top of your hand in the groove between the ring and little fingers.  You can access them by using 3 fingers to tap on this area.

Shiatsu Health Point

* We first evaluated the effect of Shiatsu in depressed patients with Alzheimer’s disease (AD). * Shiatsu significantly reduced depression in a sample of mild-to-moderate AD patients. * Neuroendocrine-mediated effect of Shiatsu may modulate mood and affect neural circuits.

Shiatsu by Amy

The bladder & kidney meridians are commonly the meridians that are low of energy, they relate to tiredness & pushing ourselves too much. Signs that the bladder or kidney meridian is out of balance are black bags under the eyes, sore lower back, needing the go to the toilet lots & poor sleep patterns.


It is becoming increasingly clear that it is not possible to separate the body from the mind. How we are physically in our body affects how we feel.

Shiatsu Bodyworks

If you’re the type of person to bubble over quickly, that indicates a couple of things, one. a lot of spare energy and two. it can be a bit stuck, causing a volcano type effect. How Shiatsu helps in this case is that it aids certain organs in the body that govern this and it softens them, calms them down and engages a more even release of energy moving forward.

Do you blog about Shiatsu? Not a self promotion blog, but how you use it, how it works and why you love it? In a way which will tell folk who are not practitioners? Then please tell me about it so I can include it here!