Sit or kneel comfortably, ideally with your back straight so that the energy flows up and down your spine from earth to sky. It is likely that you will need cushions to support you: under your bottom, behind your knees, in front of your ankles, or perhaps all three. You can lean against a wall or lie down, but it is not quite as effective, and you may fall asleep!

Either shut your eyes or focus on a lighted candle or flower, or something you treasure, which is on the floor in front of you.

Make sure you are warm: a blanket or scarf is useful. Maybe sit beside a radiator if it is a cold day or cuddle a hot water bottle. Make sure you won’t be disturbed. Turn your phone off, activate the answer phone, and put a ‘do not disturb’ sign on the door. Maybe you will need some suitably gentle music to ‘drown out’ the rest of the world.

Set your timer so that you can sit still without checking the clock. If you are unfamiliar with sitting still, it may be really hard. This is normal, so do not be too ambitious. It is better to try 5 minutes a day for a few weeks, than 20 minutes once a week. Like all valuable things, meditation takes practice, and you can increase the time if you are getting along fine and enjoying it.

To begin:

Shut your mouth if you are not blocked up, and focus on your breathing. There is no need to change anything. Notice the cool breath as it enters your nostrils, and the warmer air as it leaves.

If your attention falters, which is also absolutely normal, you can either gently draw it back to your breath, or start to count each one. This gives you something to do.

Another trick is to imagine your thoughts are written on clouds in your mind’s eye, and watch them drift away.

Or, simply notice and acknowledge those words or images which are jumping around in your head, name them or say them mindfully, with awareness, and then return to the breathing. You will definitely have to keep doing this over and over again, so do not be put off. The most experienced meditators have to deal with exactly the same thing.

Spend a few moments or minutes trying to do this.


Now, imagine the finest threads are starting to be spun around you. Start at your feet and conjour up beautiful, opal-coloured (the palest silver, gold, blue and pink) filaments slowly spinning round about your body. As they circle, they join up with one another, creating a beehive shape just outside the edge of your body. They are so shiny that they create a mirror effect on the outside, reflecting back anything from the outside of you.

As time goes by this spinning cocoon grows up from the ground, shielding your ankles, legs, torso, shoulders and neck. It makes a 360 degree cloak of protection which narrows as it becomes level with your ears and eventually comes to a single gleaming point above the apex of your head.


Sit inside this vibrating, slowly pulsing, ephemeral mantle of light, and know that it is powerful enough to ward off anything which is not useful to you, but delicate enough to let in light, love and positivity. Say to yourself in your head, ‘Nothing will enter this bubble unless I want it to’.


You might want to read this into a recorder of some sort and then play it to yourself while you are sitting. Either that, or read it through a few times, and then try it, assuming that you will remember the most important parts, and not worrying about forgetting bits. You can always try again another day, and each time you will take in a little more information.