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I will be attending this Congress for the third time and this is one of the reasons I am going this year:

‘I became interested in the paradox of, within treatment, the paradox of having to have some kind of structure and discipline, and also surrender to flow…at a philosophical level.’ Alice Whieldon (Her book is called Mind Clearing)

‘The opportunity… to get together …. Shiatsu practitioners who are fascinated by the metaphors, the sounds, the rhythms of language…. how the resonance of language actually impacts on our client’s bodies and our own.’ Nick Pole (His book is called Words That Touch)

‘The opportunity to get together’… ‘to have more conversation globally at Vienna’. Nick and Alice.

I have had the priviledge of attending one of Nick’s Clean Language workshops, and the power of that work with my clients and myself is enormous. I don’t know Alice’s book yet, but I have met her and I have a lot of respect for what she is doing, so have no doubt it will be good.

Video of Nick and Alice talking about why they are looking forward to the Congress

Nick’s book

Buy Alice’s book