Following a treatment, there can be a feeling of increased vitality and you may find that you feel invigorated, yet relaxed.

You may have a reaction to the treatment, but research shows that people usually return for a second visit if this happens. It can be

  • an old symptom returning for the last time
  • a ‘healing crisis’ like a cold or temporary sickness to allow the body to release toxins
  • a state which encourages the receiver to do what is needed eg to rest.
all blissed out!

Guidelines for receiving Shiatsu

  • Please bring or wear loose, warm, comfortable clothing, preferably cotton e.g. sweatshirt, tracksuit trousers and cotton socks.
  • Do not eat too much in the two hours prior to treatment.
  • Do not drink alcohol before or after treatment.
  • After treatment drink plenty of water to smooth the flow of changes through the system.
  • It is best to avoid strenuous or stressful activities after your session.

Did you know?

A sleep after Shiatsu is three times more beneficial than ‘ordinary’ sleep.